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    Lighting Designers.

Efficient lighting features make a huge difference to the mood and feel of a space.  We design and implement flexible lighting control systems, both indoors and outdoors.  These mood lighting systems offer our clients the ability to recall a scene; a combination of different light fittings on different circuits, each circuit dimmed to different levels; all at the touch of a single button.  Scene changes incorporate fade times giving subtle lighting transitions.Once a scene has been selected its overall level can be adjusted temporarily using raise/lower buttons.

Scenes form different moods of lighting to suit different uses of a space; dining, entertaining, reading or viewing your TV or projector. Modern homes, often with open plan living areas, tend to have multi-use areas.  Mood lighting control is key to realising the full potential of such areas.


Fundamentally, technology is a tool that helps you do what you do better, faster, or more efficiently. The key to choosing the right technology for your business is to understand what you’re already doing well, and what you need to do better.


Businesses depend on a network infrastructure for all aspects of daily operations. Communication between business and client is one of the most important aspects of retaining happy customers, whether it is by phone or email


Whether you’re concerned about losing data or want to plan for your company’s future business growth, our Support services can help.

Wireless Network Infrastructure

The Wireless infrastructures (Wi-Fi) we install and configure are designed to support the latest virtualisation and unified communications technologies for even the most challenging of computing environments. 

We create flexible and dependable wireless networks that guarantee bandwidth and resources are available for voice, video and data applications. 

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